We have the experience, skill, knowledge and personal to customize and deliver projects needs and demands of the each of our client. We offer services through the entire construction process, right from consultation to construction.

Custom Home Build

Home Renovation

Interior Upgrade

Services include:

  1. Site supervision
  2. Trade subcontractor management
  3. Construction engineering and coordination
  4. Cost and Budget maintenance
  5. Schedule adherence
  6. Quality management
  7. Safety management

Our Process

  • Consultation

    Great! You have decided to build your dream house. But you aren’t sure how to go about it, maybe you aren’t aware of the finer details of home construction. Call use right away for a consultation, we will understand your goals, assess your requirements and provide guidance in terms of location, timelines and budget. To put in a simpler way:
    Understand you goals > Assess your requirements > Provide realistic budget and timelines

  • Planning

    We plan the project to finest of the details in terms of timeline and budget. We also do a lot of assessment, valuation and analysis of the each of the project. We identify and employ high skilled partners and contractors to suit the requirements of your project. We believe this helps set realistic goals and deadlines for both us and our clients.

  • Construction

    Artreum Homes Inc. deliver cost-effect and time efficient construction management services, not to forget the quality and craftsmanship to building you home. We provide periodic updates, schedule site visit and monitor progress, but more importantly we involve our clients to get feedback then and there, that enables us to build and customize homes to the needs of our client.

  • Project Management

    Artreum Homes Inc. takes a proactive approach to managing all field construction activities. Strong field supervision and oversight ensures work flow is well organized, budgets are maintained, schedules are met, quality standards are realized, safety policies are followed, and interruptions to daily facility activities are minimized.

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